May 22, 2013

T-ball game 2

We had our second T-Ball game last Saturday!
They were totally different kids! We were so proud of all the kids!
I asked Kasey to smile, he said no, he was getting ready to play!
...Sorry, I didn't realize you took t-ball so serious!

First swing.......... Miss

Nailed it this time!

She is soooooo good! She can hit it all the way to the fence line! She is serious and so focused!

Running to home!

Running to home!

I was taking pictures of all the kids and these are the best looks I would get from my own!
Can you tell that they are used to their momma taking pictures!

The team getting ready to bat! They are just so cute in their matching uniforms!

We had a bit of tackle t-ball, but they turned around and did really well!

Game line-up

After game team spirit!
Tommy and I are so proud of our Padres!

the rest of our team is here!
Team Padres!

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