August 16, 2010


I made three of these to hang to the right of her bed between her window and the flower. I hung them up but didn't like it.
Any suggestions?
I think I want to leave them white but put hot pink buttons?

Jilliann's Room

So what do you think?

August 14, 2010


We are determined to finish Jilliann's room this weekend. This was one of our projects...

She painted the dots on her J

This will hang on her door. I think it turned out soooo cute.

This is her bow holder that we also made. Don't you just love the colors

Weekend...... Started

Well we started out weekend out by organizing and cleaning!
The first project... our pantry!



There is a basket for "junk food", cereal, and spice packets. I don't like cereal boxes and the plastic containers always end up with too many crumbs and wasted space. Our junk food is basically the kids dessert for school lunches so keeping them up high and also out of sight is a good thing! It always seems the spice packets get lost or I end up with too many, so now it will be a cinch.

August 12, 2010

Aydan's BDay

Kasey wanted to eat the brush!

Kasey also had to help Aydan push his new motorcycle!

4th of July (finally)

i know its late but i just got the pics, this golf cart won 2nd place!
you can only imagine what first place looked like!

Afro continued

I love it!


So since i make bows now for Jilliann

This is the before...

This is the after...

Much better!

Fist hair cut

We sat still bc we talked on the phone the whole time! He had a trim but u can't tell bc his hair is so light.
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August 10, 2010


So will this turn out cute
We shall see!
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August 8, 2010


so since the end of june our family has had something to do every weekend. we have had birthday parties galore, reunions, and just our children's activities. this weekend will be the last for at least one week! we were able to get some things done in the house this weekend and i will be posting pics of that later, once everything is finished. we have decided what to do in each of the kids rooms so we are working on that. jilliann's now has 3 flowers on her wall that just need to be painted and then her room arranged! can't wait to see the finish project! kasey will have orange stripes. tommy told me to make sure i get all the "crafty" stuff done this week so we could start working on our bedroom. i am so ready for this house to have our design touch to it.

be on the lookout for pics of all the finished projects and rooms!

August 3, 2010

Big boy

He looks like he is going to fall off, but he looks so big now! I guess he got up and laid down on the floor bc that si where I found him. We shall see if this is going to be permanent!
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