June 30, 2009

Kasey has lost weight so we must go to MUSC and have x-rays done tomorrow

June 28, 2009

learning to share!

after dinner and clean up we just let the kids play. all aydan wanted to do was play with jilliann but she has to learn to share. it was quite interesting!


today we had so much fun! aydan came over before dinner and we sat him and jilly bean down to do some fancy art work... FINGER PAINTING!!! aydan ate most of it and jilly bean wanted it off of her hands!

June 25, 2009



the doctor thinks that he just has a severe case of acid reflux and wanted to do other tests but once they upded his dosage of zantac it seems to be working extremely well!


June 21, 2009

What a MESS!!

ok so jilly decided she wanted ravioli for lunch... this was the end result!
You have to love it!

The Invites!!

We finally got the invites finished! I absolutley love them. Each one of them was different and it fits her so well!

June 15, 2009

A Second Birthday!

Planning a second birthday is difficult but proving to be fun! We are doing a SHOE party! High heels are key and of course Jilliann has to walk with them every where!

Our fave colors will be the highlight! Hot Pink, Black, and White!

We got inspiration from a few places!
I hope I can somewhat replicate this one!