February 28, 2012

Just Dance 3!

we have just dance and the kids LOVE it!
they have so much fun trying to do it and it is hilarious!

doing a duet!

February 27, 2012


i love this picture so this is the story behind it...
Julie had the kids over for a positively perfect pizza pajama party previewing Mr. Popper's Penguins! Daddy and Bean made cookies for their evening!

went into Jilliann's room the other night and this is what i found. Yep both of them squished onto her tiny little twin bed!

February 26, 2012

Big Package... Little Item

so tommy had ordered something online and kind of forgotten about it.
we received this package in the mail and couldn't think of what it was because the box was huge!

 oh look! its a little antennae! he has a big boy remote controlled car and the antennae holder broke so he needed to replace it so we didn't have anymore runaway cars.
it was hilarious and we also think that this company needs to go greener!

February 24, 2012

bean and boo's v-day!

the kids had an awesome valentine's day!
we got up, finished our butterfly valentines, and went and picked out flowers for oba!
we delivered our lovely flowers to oba, she treated us to lunch and then....
oba took the kids to "King of Sweets!" they were able to walk around and pick out whatever they wanted. they were so excited and loved every part of it. 
jilliann got so much that she had told me she was done after going half way! kasey took his sweet time and picked out everything he wanted! 
they were crazy hyper when they got home but seeing their faces and excitement was fantastic!

after we got home they got to open their gifts from us...
they had a bunch of random art supplies that we had been collecting from the dollar spot at target (love that place!)
 seeing his watercolor paint by number pages
getting out all of her magnetic alphabet letters!

February 22, 2012

V-Day part 2!

i found a really cute tutorial on pinterest and was super excited because i had everything already on hand!
we made these the night before and finished them the next morning.

 look at that concentration!
this ended up being a really easy project, and the kids had a blast.
all we did was use glitter glue and then let it dry overnight. we just punched holes with a hold puncher and added a dum dum! 
they were really cute!

February 20, 2012


we are making valentine's day treats for oba and pappy and saw a great idea on pinterest!
we mixed:
white glue
shaving cream
couple drops of paint
 you mix it up

 smoosh with your fingers

 add another color
 get messy

 paint your arm
we painted a paper plate with this and can't wait for the big day!

** update **
our colors didn't turn out so well so we had to do something else!

February 18, 2012

feb 14

  Feb 14
  So today is the official day of LOVE! Valentine’s Day! I hope that you have enjoyed your 14 days of LOVE! We have had a blast preparing and seeing you enjoy every day! Today you have to work but you are still receiving something! Open each one on the hour designated and enjoy!

these were a couple of ideas but the rest had little notes from all of us, a couple $5 gift cards (to restaurants close to where he works), snacks for working, etc.
he got the biggest kick out of my witty sayings! (i am pretty proud too because usually i call my little brother or my dad!)


the first 13 days are here!

February 16, 2012

Tommy's 13 days...

After he opened the fist letter, he was told to open this:

The first one!
This is your first envelope so get excited!. This month being the month of LOVE, you get to be treated to 14 days full of it! Each day you get to open the corresponding envelope and experience something new! They can range from extravagant plans to the simplest surprise! You have to wait each day for one! Get excited because it starts now! Find envelope 1!

then everyday he had to open another one
1 Home spa offering a body massage, foot treatment, or bubble bath

2 home cooked meal of whatever he chooses (cooked it as a family)  

3 date night, comedy club and dinner
    (** We had tickets but ran out of time, so we just grabbed some dinner and went to pick things out for our kitchen!)

4 homemade gifts from the kiddos
** the kids made him some homemade cards and a valentine's day themed cake! 

5 10 balloons filled with reasons of why we love him. he had to pop them all

6 massage

7 daddy and daughter date and then his favorite dessert

8 gift card to a favorite store

9 belt keepers

10 kids and i ran to go get his favorite coffee from bigby

11 a choice of lunches from home cooked as a family, delivery of whatever he chooses, or go to his favorite burger joint

12 he got to plan his day of whatever he wanted, no one was allowed to complain

13 breakfast in bed

February 15, 2012

Tommy's V-Day

for a couple of weeks i have been working on Tommy's Valentine's Day present!
It started with February and he got it February 1st. It was a ton of fun to do!

Stay tuned for his presents!

February 14, 2012

Family Handyman?

so a couple of nights ago i went into the playroom and turned around and saw this.
man, does she make her DADDY proud! 
she picked my favorite one too! it has the coolest bathroom on the front cover and is the inspiration for the bathroom i will hopefully be able to redo soon!
Family Handyman!

February 13, 2012

Kitchen Remodel

guess what......
we have officially started ripping out our kitchen!
oh boy the story behind why! 
one night mom dropped Jilliann off and i started cooking dinner, making tea, and doing dishes. that is a typical day!
well i had hambuger browning and stepped into something wet. i looked on the counter and saw that the tea was leaking. i just assumed my tea had overflowed onto the floor. i started to clean it up and realized that the water was clear.... hmmmm.
i opened the cabinet doors under the sink and there was mac and cheese all over the cabinet and a pool of water!
so then i started cleaning up the tea, the water underneath the sink, and then realized i just BURNT the meat!
dinner was a disaster, the cabinet was ruined (it had been leaking from a pin sized hole a very long time and we never noticed!), and i didn't have any sweet tea!
so i threw my hands up and said that was it! 
we were going to start tearing it up and getting it pretty!

i even have little helpers

this is the awful mess of before!
i was trying to organize it and rearrange cabinets, but now we get to start over!
can't wait to show you what we are going to do!!

February 10, 2012

our beautiful weather!

we were outside enjoying our beautiful weather!
mom got aydan and kasey this huge blow up ball for Christmas!
we decided to see what it could do!
 it holds both children quite nicely
 they had fun rolling the ball itself
 look closely and you can see jilliann in there! she is getting tossed around by her brother who is pushing her!
 riding our bikes

 this is the face of him saying cheese, trying to concentrate, and riding his bike!

Bath fun!

they were taking a bath the other night and were in a giggly mood! 
it was so much fun just to get pictures hanging out!
i am going to take two and blow them up... perfect bathroom art!