May 28, 2010


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May 11, 2010

cozy coupe!

this toy has caused our first sibling fight as you can see! we got this for kasey's birthday and jilliann decided she wanted to take it for a ride. as you can see kasey did not agree. i didn't realize that this young they could fight! the car made its way outside because the pushing, fighting, kicking, and biting (not really) didn't stop until it was out of sight and she could ride her bicycle!

mother's day!

mother's day we went to lake and had a blast! they decided the water wasn't too cold to wade out in (of course they did this after we changed out of bathing it was so nice though just to sit and relax to the sound of the water.
kasey had a blast at his first experience with water he hasn't realized yet that he can't bend over and pick something up out of the water without getting his face into it! we had a blast though!

mother's day artwork

we made cards for mother's day! she had so much fun b/c she got to fingerpaint and then do handprints!

new bow

our new bow! its freaking awesome!


from this...

to this...

thumbtacks, magnets, anything

its super easy!

wagons of any sort

kasey loves to be in a wagon (or really anything someone can push him in). on this particular day, he sat and cried until someone would pull him around. i would pull him around for about 10 minutes at a time and then have to get back to my stuff. well he didn't like that idea and would cry! so jillibean got tired of hearing it and started pulling him. it turned into a game then, she would run him into things... yep thats right, run him into things and they would start cracking up. i know crazy kids!

new globes

this was my first "home improvement" purchase (other than paint) i absolutley love them! they are going to look so good once we paint the rest of the walls!

double rainbow!

we got to experience a double rainbow and a full one (you can see where it starts and ends). when it started to clear up i got yelled at because mommy made it go away. that was an interesting conversation!