March 30, 2011

Birthday Boy!

The Birthday boy with his daddy!

i took cupcakes to his class! He LOVED them!

he ate the frosting with his finger!

Quality Time

we went to mema and papa's house last weekend and really enjoyed ourselves.

mema and jilliann got to spend some quality time together doing one of jilliann's favorite activities... reading.

March 25, 2011


This little man is 2!
Can you believe it

Happy Birthday Kasey Boo!

my newborn

your big 1!

handsome 2!

your personality has blossomed so much in the last year. U are comical and love to make people laugh. you also love to get your sister in trouble! You are by far the instigator! You can say your own version of words: down, more, please, love you, shoe, dora, tinkerbell, thank you, daddy, mommy, jillibean.

your favorite food is granola bars and yogurt. your favorite movie is Cars. you won't drink water at all! you have to go to bed with all of your boos (if i give you one, you pull the rest out of your drawer), your passy, your sock monkey, curious george, and a cup. when i go to check on you the covers are ususally pulled up and over your head (you slept like that as a baby!)

you love to go to school and everyone loves too see what you can do to make them laugh. you are an amazing helper. if anything is on the table or floor that doesn't belong there, then you must clean it.

I love you and i hope you have the best birthday!

Love you,

Mommy and Daddy

March 24, 2011

learning push ups

So Jilliann decided to bust out some push ups on my kitchen floor (in the middle of cooking dinner, i might add!)..... anyway her butt goes way up and then way down.
well she decided to teach kasey, so heres the story

kasey looking to see what to do...

ok, i think i can do this... hands on the floor

now lift the butt up! yep i got this.

he was so proud of himself for doing it! it was hilarious! jilliann was super excited that she taught her brother something!

March 23, 2011


come back in a week or so to figure out, what the heck this will be!
its gonna be good!

March 21, 2011


Jilliann was teaching kasey that the stove was hot, to listen to mommy, and that he needed to stay out of the kitchen (notice they are sitting in the middle of my kitchen!)
oh well, it was cute! don't mind her crazy hair

March 20, 2011

Kasey Craziness!

We were having dinner last night and my son was going nuts!
He was acting all kinds of crazy!
It was so comical! He knew what he was saying and how he wanted to say it!
I love how their personalities just blossom, more and more each day!

At this point:
I started to say cheese and these are the different faces I would get!

March 16, 2011

Game night!

So we had a couple of friends come over for game night... yep cards it was. No money just fun.
i have no idea what this game is called but it was addicting.

Of course Jilliann had to play!

Tommy deep in thought his first round

the first game we played was called dumb @$$, it was interesting!
Jonathan was deep in thought about his question

I don't remember what was so funny, but Tricia was having a good time!

There is Mrs. Julie... always pretty!

March 15, 2011

Just another Day

They love to swing!

I guess he wasn't quite sure what to do

Look how cute!

March 14, 2011

St. Patricks Day

go to the STUFF blog, to see what we made the kids for St. Patrick's Day!
just click this picture in the sidebar to go there!

Homemade Capris

it has been warm around here lately (thank you spring!!)....
jilliann didn't quite make it to the potty so she ran out of shorts.
all she had in her bag was a pair of jeans, well they were to short so i just chopped them off and made them into capris! they actually ended up really cute!

throwing rocks

kasey's favorite thing to do at oba's is to throw rocks into her pond

he gets so startled by the water splashing

Gator Golf!

this is how they play gator golf!

kasey doesn't like to hit the ball (he will hit everything else though)...
this was easiest

jilliann making sure that it didn't get her!

March 8, 2011


someone is too big for their bed!

March 3, 2011

Play Nights

since my friends and i have the luxury of working during the day
we have play nights!

Julie brought Kaitlin over and the weather was gorgeous, so outside we went. it was 8:30 before we came in and they still threw fits about it! The weather right now is just so perfect!

oh yeah... the kids had a blast too!

March 2, 2011


ok, for those of you that are close to us, you know that my son (my lovely son!) only eats two food groups...
sweets and dairy!

well literally he will eat any cracker or cookie and just about any milk based product... oh yeah goldfish (sometimes) and granola bars... that is it!

People think i am over exaggerating, but i am not...
he will NEVER eat his dinner...
at school they tell me what he ate and everyday there is an a (for all) by the yogurt and an r (for refused) by everything else! Never some or most.. all or nothing baby!

this kid survives off of carbs and sugar!
*** the dr. does know about this and he will eventually outgrow it and HE IS HEALTHY! i know shocker!

i say all of that... to say this

we had spaghetti the other night and i took a little bit of the sauce out before i added the meat and.................

HE ATE IT! every last bite!
he was happy about it!


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March 1, 2011


My own camera strap!

I bought this fabric to make a dress for jilliann for her second birthday... yep its been awhile.

well a couple of weeks ago we made my car organizer.. and now i did it!

its been personalized... My camera has her very own strap! I followed a great tutorial.. here (almost perfectly). third of the way through it the computer died, children started getting bored, so i didn't top stitch it- or trim the inside! IF anything trim the inside! It was a ginourmous task to turn it right side out!

I think we need to pick a name for her!