March 2, 2011


ok, for those of you that are close to us, you know that my son (my lovely son!) only eats two food groups...
sweets and dairy!

well literally he will eat any cracker or cookie and just about any milk based product... oh yeah goldfish (sometimes) and granola bars... that is it!

People think i am over exaggerating, but i am not...
he will NEVER eat his dinner...
at school they tell me what he ate and everyday there is an a (for all) by the yogurt and an r (for refused) by everything else! Never some or most.. all or nothing baby!

this kid survives off of carbs and sugar!
*** the dr. does know about this and he will eventually outgrow it and HE IS HEALTHY! i know shocker!

i say all of that... to say this

we had spaghetti the other night and i took a little bit of the sauce out before i added the meat and.................

HE ATE IT! every last bite!
he was happy about it!

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