March 25, 2011


This little man is 2!
Can you believe it

Happy Birthday Kasey Boo!

my newborn

your big 1!

handsome 2!

your personality has blossomed so much in the last year. U are comical and love to make people laugh. you also love to get your sister in trouble! You are by far the instigator! You can say your own version of words: down, more, please, love you, shoe, dora, tinkerbell, thank you, daddy, mommy, jillibean.

your favorite food is granola bars and yogurt. your favorite movie is Cars. you won't drink water at all! you have to go to bed with all of your boos (if i give you one, you pull the rest out of your drawer), your passy, your sock monkey, curious george, and a cup. when i go to check on you the covers are ususally pulled up and over your head (you slept like that as a baby!)

you love to go to school and everyone loves too see what you can do to make them laugh. you are an amazing helper. if anything is on the table or floor that doesn't belong there, then you must clean it.

I love you and i hope you have the best birthday!

Love you,

Mommy and Daddy

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