October 30, 2011

Breakfast at Chef Mickey's

we got the chance to have breakfast with Mickey and friends!
we had so much fun! the kids did soooo well with the characters!

kasey getting excited because he can see them




She was so anxious about Minnie!

Jilliann was so excited because she and Minnie matched!

Minnie noticed!

So darn cute!

getting a kiss from a cutie pie!


Watching the water while we were waiting for everyone to go to potty.

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October 28, 2011

Animal Kingdom Part 2

we spent the first day at animal kingdom and had a blast! it was slow and steady.
we saw lots of fun things, went to a couple of great shows, and did the safari!

jilliann's favorite thing of the day was the safari with the baby elephants
kasey's favorite things was the lion king show (the fire thrower!)

on the way to all this fun stuff we took a look at the animals!

oba and kasey pretending to be the flamingos
he was trying to find the otters

the thinking man of africa?

waiting in line at the safari... i love it!

look at that huge thing! there were so many of them

jilliann and kasey loved the elephants.
when our bus pulled up the elephant ran into the water and the kids loved the splash and bubbles it made

the kids favorite animal! they loved these little guys

waiting in line for the lion king

having fun dancing and of course hugging

kasey was so absorbed into the show. he did soooo well!

their snacks waiting for the jungle jammin' parade

that was a huge dinosaur!

the tree of life... saying goodbye to a great day and getting ready for the rest!

(cranky but really cute!)

October 27, 2011

We are HERE! Animal Kingdom Part 1

Mom decided two days before we were supposed to go, that she wanted to tag along.
So we decided to leave the day before and stop half way to make it easier on everyone! (No point in being tired and miserable at the start of a vacation)

so after much excitement and fun we finally made it!
we had reservations at torry's fave restraunt, Rainforest Cafe'! so we checked into our hotel, jumped on a but, and began our fun at the Animal Kingdom!!

jilliann was looking at all the fun stuff that was out there

kasey was telling his sister to hush, so he could hear the automated voice

they loved this alligator

daddy was getting spit on by the elephant

yes, my kids are pulled up to the bar, but how could you not love this picture!

daddy kissing his prince! (inside joke!)

jilliann loved trying to climb this fungi!

mom and her prince

quick pic in the restraunt! (i love it!)

all done with lunch so here we go!

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October 26, 2011

Angry Birds

There is a running joke with my husband about angry birds! he would play it non-stop and then reset the game to play it again... so for his birthday, i only found it appropriate to make him THEIR cupcakes!

it was a ton of fun!
we made these the night before and it was late, so.....

we kind of cheated and brought these frosted sprinkled ones for everyone else to make their own!
they turned out so well!

torry (look carefully and you will see its a pissed off cyclopse!)
my other little brother (justin)