October 24, 2011

Disney's 24 Things

1 and 2. water bottles.
jules got these for 69 cents, so with a pack of stickers they turned out awesome

3. minnie's polka dot bracelet
we got this idea here... you just thread layered buttons on an elastic band and tie it off!
**she wore this one day at the park and it was great! it came off really easy and didn't get hung up on anything

4 and 5. id tags
rather be safe than sorry!
we went to this website and selected two, put them in a word document and then just typed our information. print on shrinky dink paper, cut out, bake, and attach a pin!

6. a great keychain jules surprise me with! (again shrinky dink paper)

7 and 8. luggage tags, for there very own little people luggage
we just printed their information on colored cardstock, cut out these, and then laminated them 

9 and 10. mickey and minnie pillows of course! (these things are huge)

11 and 12. these would be great for standing in line. little surprises are hidden!

13 and 14 are placemats! they use these everyday!
all we did was cut out a fork, spoon, and plate, glued it to cardstock, colored and laminated!

15 and 16. monogrammed bookbags to carry all of there stuff!

17-20. kasey's personalized t-shirts (the little brother one and an animal kingdom one are missing!)
just print on iron on transfer paper and have fun! we got all of the mickey heads, here

21-23. jilliann's personalized shirts! (big sister and an amimal kingdom one are missing!)
the mickey one on the purple shirt is a huge hit and the picture is from here

try this one!
they are not the same but there are a couple of cute ones!
i will try to post the original files i have soon!


  1. Hello, where did you get the backpacks from? They are adorable!

    1. I got them at Wal-Mart when the back to school sale was going on and then just took them to my local sewing shop to have them monogrammed! The book bags cost $5 each and then the monogram was $4 each. So for under $20 total I was able to get bookbags for the kids that they use all the time!

  2. Hi there. I was wondering where you got the template for the parent contact on the shrinky dink paper. Thanks. Love the ideas

    1. I made it myself, but if you shoot me an email I can send you the word document!

  3. love the shirts!!!!! but the link for the Mickey heads is not working. :(

  4. Love the shirts too, but as the above poster noted, the links aren't working anymore. Do you happen to still have the files you downloaded? Would you possibly share? Never hurts to ask. :) Thanks for the cute ideas.

    1. i haven't been able to find them again online. here is an etsy link that has them. i will look to see if i can find the files!

  5. I love the mickey mouse head with the year, is there anyway you could get the year 2014 and with the characters on it? Thanks!