September 27, 2011

Children tacos!

They found oba's body pillow and bubba decided they would be tacos!
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September 23, 2011


in the kitchen

daddy didn't have any sweets to take to lunch, so we whipped up some giant m&m cookies
they had a blast

this was the first time that they have actually helped and it was so much fun!

they waited paitently for me to get all of the ingredients mixed

such intense concentration on puting those m&m's on

kasey then learned, he could squish them

team work at its best

the cookies turned out awesome and daddy was very happy

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September 21, 2011


so along with our jungle theme this week....

i have bugs invading my house!

they are cut though!

look what a clothespin, coffee filter, and pom pom can do!

i also discovered i have a jungle growing in my office.. with floating fish i might add!

i am curious to see what else is coming!

September 19, 2011


today starts 24 days of disney!
jules had a great idea for a countdown that we can use for christmas too!

so we will be posting more projects like these pooh bags!

(one day we will be putting special treats in them!)

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i don't know what happened but overnight i became OCD. i want to scrub the house, top to bottom, make a household binder, make a menu/recipe binder, just get my life organized. (its not bad now, but needs some improving!)

so with that said... earlier in the week i did the kitchen! i took EVERYTHING out of the cabinets and it looked like we just moved in! i cleaned and scrubbed the inside, put liners down, bought drawer organizers, and rearranged. then came the outside of the cabinets, appliances, and the countertops.

my mom got suckered into helping me!

overall it was a great day and i feel like we are getting somewhere! i will have before and after pictures coming soon.

but on the list is...
the kids toy closet
the office
linen closet
bathroom cabinets

can't wait to show everyone!

September 18, 2011

Baby Shower

I had a baby shower to attend for an old friend of mine.
it was the night before and i was on Pinterest (love it)
i saw a really cute tutorial, here, for baby shower stuff.
i adapted it a little to fit the things that i had bought!
they turned out so stinking cute!

the basics:

fold your items flat and into a long rectangel

roll gently (jules had to do this part!)

this is the end result (you might have to pull a little to line them up)

we made lollipops, they each used two washclothes

i added a hair bow to the base

we made cupcakes out of a receiving blanket and coffee filters

and last but not least...
the peppermint roll. we made these out of 4 onsies.
to make sure they styles didn't clash i bought two of the same onsie but just different sizes

stuff them in a cake box

ta-da, sooo darn cute!
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September 16, 2011


we started our 2nd week of school two weeks late!
we had so much going on, it just kind of fell through

but monday started a new week, a new schedule (for kids and mommy) and also a new theme!


on monday i blew up these palm trees, we have had them since jilliann's dora birthday,
we put on the music portion of the jungle book and then had some fun!

they had so much fun dancing with these trees!

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September 15, 2011

we are done!

we are finally done painting!
we are finally done painting!

it feels so good to say that!

we (my loving husband!) have painted the entire house

before... tan!!

after... gray/blue

before red

after... dark gray

can't wait to finish decorating and show you even more!
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September 13, 2011

photo shoot?

i was trying to do a photo shoot for grandparents day and they didn't want to quite cooperate!
this is what i got instead!

cute still!

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September 11, 2011

the rest of our school week

so to continue with our cow theme, they painted cows in a field
they were drawing the cows spots, face, and legs

jilliann's cows

we made key chains to hang on our disney bookbags
kasey did a great job threading the beads onto the string

mommy did a cow puppet (the yellow thing is the tongue, but now it doesn't really fit!)

kasey and his paper bag cow puppet,
he knew what is was and that was all that mattered

she did a great job on her puppet too!

the letter that week was A
we did apple things

they made placemats with their whole hand
the side of their palm is the trunk
their fingers are their leaves
their knuckles are the apples

they turned out really cute

apple print placemats, didn't do so well!
i guess i didn't cut the apple straight!

kasey's had the middle but no outline

jilliann's only had the outline and no middle

we had a blast and can't wait for the second week!
JUNGLES and all those animals!

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