December 12, 2011

Quinnzy's Adventures!

Quinnzy has had a lot of fun lately! I guess he get so excited that our kids are doing fantastic, he doesn't know how to control himself....

he flew back so fast, he got stuck in the blinds!

He decided to be funny and dye our milk blue!

He was dirty so bubble bath time it was!

Sitting around watching TV from our wall decorations!

Sitting in the office watching over our Christmas crafts!
He has had a lot of fun and can't wait to see what else he does!

December 10, 2011

Santa responded!

Santa responded!
He wrote her the sweetest letter and had it delivered by Quinnzy!

Dear Jilliann,
Everyone here at the North Pole is very busy preparing for Christmas Eve. Mrs. Claus is mending my red suit as I had so many holes in the knees from sliding down all of those chimneys! I'm writing to remind you to be a good girl. Help out your parents as often as you can.

Mrs. Claus and I have been checking our list and seen that you have been listening this year! We are so proud of you!

The elves and I agreed that you deserve to get something extra-special this year. I've been told that you're hoping to find a new drum set and bike horn when you wake up on Christmas morning. We'll do our very best!

I will soon be on my way to visit your house in Summerville. I am excited to begin my long journey to the home of the many good little boys and girls all around the world!
Merry Christmas and Warmest Wishes!

Santa Claus

look carefully and you can see Quinnzy with her letter!

December 7, 2011

First Santa letter!

Our very first Santa letter. I can't say that she just decided to write it, so here is how it came about. Nothing special but i will want to remember it one day!

We all went to Wal-Mart to pick up and return a couple of things and Jilliann kept saying she wanted this and wanted that. We told her that she needed to come home and write a letter to Santa so Quinnzy could take it to him that night and maybe Santa would respond!

We got home thinking she forgot all about it and she said she wanted to write that letter. She told me what to write so I did and then she re-wrote it. (obviously since we can't read yet!). She made it very clear to put her last name on it so it wouldn't get mixed up on accident.
it says:
Dear Santa
I would like drums and a bicycle horn for Christmas
Jilliann Wells

She even addressed a red (Santa's favorite color) envelope so Quinnzy could take it to Santa! 
Can't wait to see what Santa says back!

I am so proud of my little girl. It took her about 15 minutes to do this because she wanted to make sure Santa could read it!

December 6, 2011

Elf on the Shelf

We introduced this little fellow Sunday (yes, we are late, but Daddy was working)
the kids got up to find the table set with the book out, snow covered donuts, and melted snow and cinnamon rolls.

jilliann loved the snow covered donuts!

kasey wasn't thrilled with either so he got applesauce!

 jilliann was making some funky faces!

she was looking for our elf because he wasn't in the box! he got out of that tight seal somehow, but noone knows!

 she found him, on the fire place!


she is so excited and a littl bit nervous! Jilliann won't stop talking about him, she is trying so hard to understand why he won't move during the day! She has told him what to tell Santa and tries to get kasey to understand too, but he doesn't quite understand it yet. he keeps looking at him like he is some weird science experiment! We had a blast introducing our elf!

U want to know his name?.... Quinnzy!
(yes Quinn M. you were the inspiration per Jilliann!)
I will put all of Quinnzy's crazy spots and stories on here too! This is going to be a great memory!

December 2, 2011

Christmas Photo Shoot

We did a Christmas photo shoot, and this is just some of the pictures that we got!
They are hilarious, and we had a great time doing them!

November 30, 2011


We went to Mema's one day and were having a blast.
We soon noticed that it got quiet!
I went hunting for my son and look where we found him....

yep in the bathtub!

he didn't want to get out so i left him alone and came back about 10 minutes later to this....
he almost took a nap, but Sister kept bugging him!
I truley have a random child!

November 28, 2011

1st Christmas Decoration Re-Done!!

we made a Christmas wreath but it didn't turn out to be everything we wanted!
So in order to fix that, we made another one under $4!!

We went to Lowes and got this foam that supposedly goes over pipes? I think it was 6 ft long, so I bought 2. They were 91 cents!

Cut to size and tape!

Then we went next door to Wal-Mart and bought 7 sheets of felt for 20 cents each!
Take a cup and draw circles!

I already had this fabric on hand from another project so that meant it was FREE!
I just cut up the rest into strips
 All of our circles nicely cut and stacked (Jilliann's form of stacking)

You wrap the foam with your strips of fabric, hot glueing periodically!
Take your circles and fold one in half and then in half again! PIN the sucker down!
Place 4 together to get this...Then fluff!

Here it is! We just tied a white ribbon on top to hang!
I really do love my $4 wreath!

This is what we did with the leftover foam!
I had the white already too, so they made a snowman!
So really for under 4 bucks I got two really cute wreaths!

November 26, 2011

Holy Crap our 1st Christmas Decoration!

Went to Goodwill with Mom and look what we found!
Isn't she gorgeous?!?
Well she is for 2 bucks!

Look what we turned her into! Soooo much better!

November 25, 2011


Couldn't help get a couple of cute pictures of my cute kids with my cute husband!
*Cute is the word of the day per Kwan!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We had a blast, we got to be around our wonderful family, have some fantastic food, and then we went shopping!

This is what we did for essentially 12 hours! We had an absolute blast, got some awesome deals and can't wait to go back for next year!!

November 10, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011!

we had so much fun this year! we did a pumpkin carving party on Friday with Zuppa and S'mores, and then a Halloween party Monday with spaghetti and Pumpkin Pie yum!

i didn't realize spider man was going to be such a popular costume this year!

Kasey and his muscles!

who is under that mask?

its my cute son!

All ready to start TRICK OR TREATING!
they were so excited!
Jilliann is Cinderella, Kasey is Spiderman, and Kaitling is Repunzel

Kasey got the hang of it after a couple of houses, but big sister is always there, just in case! 

The kids got tired after an hour (who could blame them!) so we dumped all the candy in one bag and Torry volunteered to carry the pumpkins... now he has got big buns!

November 9, 2011

Another Bag... with a twist!

i sewed this bag!
my cousin is getting married on 11.11.11! but its in Thailand!
his mom was going to go to the wedding and i knew i wanted to do something sweet (yes me, do something sweet!... it is possible!) i made this for her to take to the new bride

its just a little bag that you can grab and go, nothing fancy... but my favorite part.....

see it is small

MY FAVORITE PART! the inside pocket is something sweet! It is a picture of Thailand and South Carolina. I hope everytime she sees the pocket or the bag that she will remember what their love has overcome! I hope she loves it!

* thanks Jules for the extra help!

November 8, 2011

for Halloween Jules brought over stuff to make witch's hats!
they turned out sooo cute and the kids had a lot of fun making them

take a hershey kiss and stick it on top of a fudge stripe cookie that is upside down.... then decorate

kasey squeezing his frosting on his hat

kaitlin with her frosting

jilliann... look at that concentration

i guess it was good!

 i turned around a couple of times and saw this...
if you look closely you can see the hat is still on the table

we made our own cups!
kasey was a cyclopse! it was too funny how his eyes ended up lining up

julie was having a stare off!