November 28, 2011

1st Christmas Decoration Re-Done!!

we made a Christmas wreath but it didn't turn out to be everything we wanted!
So in order to fix that, we made another one under $4!!

We went to Lowes and got this foam that supposedly goes over pipes? I think it was 6 ft long, so I bought 2. They were 91 cents!

Cut to size and tape!

Then we went next door to Wal-Mart and bought 7 sheets of felt for 20 cents each!
Take a cup and draw circles!

I already had this fabric on hand from another project so that meant it was FREE!
I just cut up the rest into strips
 All of our circles nicely cut and stacked (Jilliann's form of stacking)

You wrap the foam with your strips of fabric, hot glueing periodically!
Take your circles and fold one in half and then in half again! PIN the sucker down!
Place 4 together to get this...Then fluff!

Here it is! We just tied a white ribbon on top to hang!
I really do love my $4 wreath!

This is what we did with the leftover foam!
I had the white already too, so they made a snowman!
So really for under 4 bucks I got two really cute wreaths!

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