November 6, 2011

Hollywood Studios OUR LAST DAY!

ok so our last day at Disney, we went to Hollywood Studios!

Mater and Lightning were there to greet us!

we had lunch with Disney Jr and some other friends.
this was the best lunch we had the whole time. it was laid back, the characters were there plenty long enough, the kids got to get up and dance, and even the food was good! it was a great way to end our day at Hollywood Studios.

 June from Little Einsteins

 Leo from the Little Einsteins

Agent Oso

Handy Manny

There was a story on why this picture was taken, but I can't remember!

Dancing with Daddy!

Mom was a lifesaver! She took the kids to see Disney Jr. Live on Stage, so we could get some adult rides in. we did the tower of terror and aerosmith and they were a blast!

this picture CRACKS me up! tommy couldn't figure out why i was screaming! rollercoasters and i have a love hate relationship! i was shaking when i got off but wanted to go back!

we had the best vacation in a really long time! it was really nice having mom there with us to experience everything with the kids. we had 1 yes 1 meltdown and it was because kasey was bored standing in line! we can't wait to go back and do it all again!
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