February 28, 2011

had to

she was just way to cute, not to!

Kasey's Turn

Kasey didn't want to cooperate the first day, so he got his turn the next.

Everytime he wold see the camera he would say "CHEEEEEESE!" If you didn't get your shot in that two second time frame then forget it!

He is so cute... the only negative about this... you can see how dirty my kids are!
Where is the tissue when you need one!

1st Day

So the first day i had my camera, battery charged, SD card ready... here is what we got!

Jilliann wanted to be a princess (even though she is wearing the witch outfit... go figure!)She did a little mini photoshoot with me! So cute!

~Tommy's exact words... "When she grows up I am going to need 10 shotguns!"

Whoda thunk!


Wow, this is all i can say!
We had been saving for awhile and decided to splurge on this!
I love taking pictures of the kids; and well... my little point and shoot just wasn't filling my desires.

we don't have any fancy lenses for it... YET!
but can't wait for those! just in the little bit that we have had it i have fallen in LOVE!

the pictures are amazing... i am no pro but the quality is what gets me!

anyway... i have some pictures coming....

February 23, 2011

movie time

after dinner and clean up we all liked on the couch to watch Tinkerbell. aren't they so cute! Jilliann kept getting Kasey to say different words and he just wouldn't.

February 21, 2011

CSN Stores Giveaway!

Ok, since we are trying to redo the house and the kids got their playroom taken away... yep its official. Well anyway, we are trying to redo that room as our office. We need new desks and everything. I love the idea about the L shaped desk. How awesome in the corner and used as a divider... anyway

The wonderful people at CSN stores have decided to giveaway free money!! $15 bucks to be exact! Here is what I would get with my $15.. these jasmine flower stalks... put them in a vase... OMG!

or... these dry erase panels... i can imagine how helpful these will be!

I will be doing a drawing for one of YOU to receive a promo code good on their site (which by the way has over 200 stores!)

There are a couple ways to win!
1. Become a follower or tell me you already are!
2.Go to their site and tell me what you would get with the $15

1. Like CSN on facebook

For everyone that you do, leave me a comment! DONT FORGET THE EMAIL!

Giveaway will close March 1 at 10 pm and winner will be posted on March 2 via Random.org

Good luck!!

February 15, 2011

car divider

I cleaned my car out yesterday. I know right. OMG! I decided they the kids needed something to corral all of their toys, so Jilliann and I decided to make something.


makes my heart melt. she was reading a book to her little brother.

Hopscoth Queen

We had a wedding to go to (my aunt's) on Sunday and for entertainment value, the kids -- Jilliann and Uncle Bobby-- played hopscotch! Yes, they did! I forget this game still existed! They did not play outside in the yard or in the driveway.... Nope! They played it in the kitchen! I will explain...

My mom is laying tile, so the backerboard is exposed, grab your closest stick of chalk and DRAW! Now find a coin and get a grown adult and a three year old to jump in the hopscotch squares!

It was really cute and funny!

Jilliann is still wanting to hopscotch with Uncle Bobby!

Couponing Update!

i was just looking, and realized i hadn't put a post up of how my couponing was going.

first attempt:
6 boxes cheez-its
6 boxes wheat thins
6 pasta sides (knorr)
6 cans rotel
2 lg. sour creams
grand total $18.76
SAVINGS $47.54!!!

Valentine's day crafts

we decided to make "cakes". they turned out really cute. they each had a sticker, notepad, chocolate, and lollipop.

February 13, 2011

out like a light

I guess someone literally crashed!!

February 3, 2011

just a day

Deep in concentration

Hello world, I'm having fun!

Mom, why are you taking a picture of me?

Ok, I will go back to my cleaning

February 2, 2011

Jilliann's Valentines

We started getting some valentine's day stuff together and in the box of lollipop's came these tear apart cards. she carried them with her everywhere.

February 1, 2011

Kasey boo!

He loves to draw, this silly kid will sit at the table for an hour and draw his heart out. i swear he is telling stories in the process because he gets so animated and serious.