March 23, 2012


We went to the circus a couple of weeks ago and had an absolute blast!
We decided to go last minute because it was just a nasty day!
The kids had so much fun watching all the different performances! Barnum and Bailey is the best circus we have been to yet!

Jilliann's favorite part was the acrobats and Kasey's was the horses!
I have more pictures coming soon!


My bedtime monsters!
The kids were playing around one day and decided to do this with their shirts!


March 20, 2012

Sibling Love

We had a long weekend and the kids were exhausted, I guess they didn't want to sleep alone!
It was really cute!

March 19, 2012


i know it has been awhile but I found these pictures and had to put them up!
These are from her June 2010 recital!
I love them!

this was her dance class!

after her recital we went out for dinner and she got a little surprise!
I love her facial expressions! 

Wow, look at this kid! Not much has changed!

March 13, 2012

March Date

So last month Tommy got a year of dates (here)!
So for the month of March it is a family date!
We are going to Sea World!
we are really excited and aren't telling the kids so they can be just a little more surprised!
They have been working really hard with "chore charts" to earn money for a special trip! It really is cute and I will show you soon!

*for now I am getting ahead in school because we are leaving soon!

March 9, 2012

Mommy and Me art!

we went to Bottles and Brushes, Mommy and Me class.
we didn't think we were going to get in because we were eighth on the waiting list, but they called 45 minutes before the class started and we were able to make it!

jilliann waiting patiently for the class to start!

drawing on her feathers!

her finished piece!

we had so much fun!

they turned out really well! Jilliann did a great job at listening and only needed a little help! we had a blast and it was a great time for us to get to bond!

March 7, 2012

Kids Day

Myrtle Beach again!
Quinn called me up and asked if I wanted to go back to Myrtle Beach, only this time we brought the kids and it was their day!

we started off walking along Broadway and feeding the fish!

those things are huge!

our next stop was MagiQuest! You are given a quest, have to find the clues, and then move on. i had never been before, but was so glad we did go. the kids had a blast, pointing their wands at things! they could open treasure chests, make instruments play, and even collect coins! they did really well and Jilliann loved it! 

stopped for lunch at Joe's Crab Shack and had to get a picture with the pirate!

they have this little play area with dinosaurs! i knew it would be a hit with kasey! 

those are some big teeth!

jeremy was controlling the T-Rex to make sure it was safe for the kids!

Quinn got stuck on the side lines holding everything... including Jilliann's headband.

after we walked around the kids had their choice of two places. 
Build-a-Bear or RideMakerz
Jilliann chose Build-a-Bear, but she bought new outfits and accessories for Sprinkles instead of making a new one! 

Kasey chose RideMakerz!
He built himself a Monster Firetruck!

We had an absolute blast! Thanks Quinn for asking us to tag along!

March 5, 2012

Sharon and Emily

Emily's mom came into town after about 5 years away, so they decided everyone could get together and visit! Jilliann and I went to enjoy some food and friendship!

Meet Sprinkles, she is safe, secure, and ready to go! (I decided on the way out of Quinn's day, that I was going to build one for the kids. This is Jilliann's, Kasey's is a dinosaur!)

Jilliann was excited to meet some new friends!

Emily and I (we have known each other for about 10 years or so)
i don't know why i was only half smiling?

 Ms. Sharon with all of the kids that came! 

The family of the night (minus a husband)!  Aren't they an adorable family!

March 1, 2012

Quinn's Day

Quinn wanted to have a small bachelorette party where we dressed up as 80's neon, went to Myrtle Beach and did whatever we wanted (silly things)! 
we went shopping the day before and made sure we were going to be bright enough!
i went out of my comfort zone 150% but was sooo glad i did!
 Quinn, Melinda, and I getting ready to leave Charleston

 you have to start the trip of right with some caffeine

 our first stop was Dick's Last Resort! the whole point of this restaurant is for the wait staff to make fun of you. well..... when we walked in they were speechless! the only thing they could make fun of us for at first were our shoes! as the meal went on, they did get better! we had a blast there!

Yep we went to Build-a Bear! It was fun! Quinn wanted to get a litle dog for her nephew so we stood in line with 20 other small children and acted like children! it turned out sooo cute!

overall we just had a great day of WHATEVER! we shopped, played, and had a great time with each other!

Congrats Quinn and I wish you and Shawn the best!