March 1, 2012

Quinn's Day

Quinn wanted to have a small bachelorette party where we dressed up as 80's neon, went to Myrtle Beach and did whatever we wanted (silly things)! 
we went shopping the day before and made sure we were going to be bright enough!
i went out of my comfort zone 150% but was sooo glad i did!
 Quinn, Melinda, and I getting ready to leave Charleston

 you have to start the trip of right with some caffeine

 our first stop was Dick's Last Resort! the whole point of this restaurant is for the wait staff to make fun of you. well..... when we walked in they were speechless! the only thing they could make fun of us for at first were our shoes! as the meal went on, they did get better! we had a blast there!

Yep we went to Build-a Bear! It was fun! Quinn wanted to get a litle dog for her nephew so we stood in line with 20 other small children and acted like children! it turned out sooo cute!

overall we just had a great day of WHATEVER! we shopped, played, and had a great time with each other!

Congrats Quinn and I wish you and Shawn the best!

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