March 7, 2012

Kids Day

Myrtle Beach again!
Quinn called me up and asked if I wanted to go back to Myrtle Beach, only this time we brought the kids and it was their day!

we started off walking along Broadway and feeding the fish!

those things are huge!

our next stop was MagiQuest! You are given a quest, have to find the clues, and then move on. i had never been before, but was so glad we did go. the kids had a blast, pointing their wands at things! they could open treasure chests, make instruments play, and even collect coins! they did really well and Jilliann loved it! 

stopped for lunch at Joe's Crab Shack and had to get a picture with the pirate!

they have this little play area with dinosaurs! i knew it would be a hit with kasey! 

those are some big teeth!

jeremy was controlling the T-Rex to make sure it was safe for the kids!

Quinn got stuck on the side lines holding everything... including Jilliann's headband.

after we walked around the kids had their choice of two places. 
Build-a-Bear or RideMakerz
Jilliann chose Build-a-Bear, but she bought new outfits and accessories for Sprinkles instead of making a new one! 

Kasey chose RideMakerz!
He built himself a Monster Firetruck!

We had an absolute blast! Thanks Quinn for asking us to tag along!

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