May 31, 2011

Homemade Bagel Bites!

we made homemade bagel bites!
just take a bagle, but some pizza sauce on it...
then let your crazy kids put whatever they want and how much they want!
Bake for 20 minutes and enjoy!

Kasey's... just cheese!

Jilliann got some pepp, but not too much mommy!

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New Hair

Danielle came over last week, and really gave us all new hair do's!
We love them!
Thank you!!

I have blonde streaks that "peak" through!

Tommy finally changed his hair after 10 years!
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May 16, 2011

Time Out!

I am going to be taking a couple of days if not weeks off from this blog! I love to do it and will start again but a lot has been going on with my life!
I am officially a stay at home mom!
I just graduated with my associates!
I am trying to get a very very small business going with my bows and bow holders!
I am going to visit family!

I will be back with lots of pictures and projects, but want to enjoy things for right now!
Love you all!

Be back soon!


Just some of my latest projects! I love working on these! Go over to bean's bows!

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Just Hanging!

Typical Saturday!

I was working on a couple of projects and the kids decided they wanted to come out and ride their bikes!

kasey was occasionally pushing the stroller... no baby!

jilliann was racing with her daddy

crazy husband

kasey hasn't quite figured out how to pedal, so he gets pushed!
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May 9, 2011

The Noodle!

a typical kasey dinner!

Kasey is required to eat just ONE bite, before he can be excused. I know some battles are better saved for later, but i want him to eat more than yogurt!

this is a simple butter noodle with parmesean cheese... very yummy and easy!

all he had to do was take one bite, but instead this is the reaction i got for......... 30 minutes!

just to let you know.....

Mommy won!

Easter Eggs

ok, this is my last post on Easter, just thought the face was funny!

Our Bunny

The kids were so proud of him!

Kasey ate most of his fur, but Jilliann loved decorating him!

This is so easy to make!
Bake two  or 9 inch round cakes with whatever kind of cake mix!
Use one entire round for his head then cut sections off for his ears and bow tie.
then all you have to do is decorate him!

here is the template!
** Remember this does not have to be perfect! Have fun!!


i know its been forever, but things are really starting to calm down here!
we had a fantastic easter!

Jilliann loves mash potatoes and as you can see she won! They were left over and she finished off the entire bowl. (it was enough for three servings!)

they helped build our easter bunny, but as you can see...

jilliann is hard working, and kasey is just eating the icing!

we are on a very strict budget, so i made them some easter shirts to wear for their day.