December 31, 2009

pretty girl!

Our Christmas!

Tommy had to work Christmas morning so we did our Christmas on Christmas Eve. Jilliann played with all of Kasey's toys and Kasey played with hers! They had a ton of fun. Grandpap and Nana were there to see them. Jilliann would open the first one and want to play with it because she didn't realize she had to keep opening the presents. Kasey just wanted to eat all of the paper!
(More pics to come!)

(Jilliann's rocker outfit! Her hot pink tutu and black shirt and tights!)

December 19, 2009


Mixing the dough!

Rolling the dough!

Cutting our shapes!

Making sure they stick on the pan!

Waiting patiently for them to cook!

They are out!

Making Peppermint Bark!

We made peppermint bark (crushed candy canes in white chocolate!) Her favorite part was beating the candy canes!

Parade Weekend!

We went to Grandpap and Nana's oe weekend and went shopping and then to a parade! This was the ride home... peaceful!

Christmas Pics!

Decorating the Christmas Tree!

See the laundry!

Each kid gets a Christmas tree, Jillibean decided Kasey's would be blue and hers is purple!

December 2, 2009

Festival of Lights!

We went to the Festival of Lights on Sunday! It was so cold and the kids had so much fun! Santa was not a very big hit but it was funny to see the kids reaction. They did the merry go round, the train ride, and of course the lights!

Tabby's Birthday!

Sunday we did Sushi for Tabby's birthday! The kids had a blast!!