August 31, 2009

He was so tired and dirty!


She has finally started to like her hair washed!


She decided to help me with laundry!

helping Aydan!

we had so much fun at his birthday! jilliann even tried to open the presents too!

playing in the sand with aydan!


everyone THIS is the Masterpiece!


its amazing!

4 generations!

August 19, 2009

miss you!

i want you guys to come back!!! i miss you guys!
love the pics!

come for dinner?!?

c u guys soon!


Check out my new digs!

We got them for about $2 and she loves them!

August 9, 2009

kids room!

YEAH!!!! IT IS DONE! Well 99.9%

we aren't quite finished but we finally have everything hanging up and organized. we are missing a shadow box (kasey hasn't turned one yet so it will have to wait). all we have left is to just fill the nail holes!


Well it isn't perfect but for a first time... pretty darn good!

Tabby helping

lots of concentration and...

dirty hands!

Aydan's Birthday Cake

this is the test run we did

like our cake spinner!

not too bad for a test run!

August 5, 2009


ok i think this will work:
just click this link
Ok so I promise to update this blog by the end of the week! Things have been so hectic with school (one week left)! Getting ready for a-mans birthday!