April 23, 2010


She was eating her muffin for breakfast with her kewl shades on.
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April 20, 2010

Kasey a girl?

She thought it would be funny to put a bow in her brother's hair... well it was! Aren't they cute!


so here is finally a real update, from Bows to dance and everything in between (really just Easter).
here ya go...

oh yeah picasa is updated too!


ok so you all heard the story the first time about the bows... well I made korkers (the spirally ones), well I had other ribbon I didn't think would work that well, so I made these.
I am pretty darn impressed with myself!


She had so much fun going up and down the drive way on the bike and the 4 wheeler. She beat all the boys!

This was his reaction to having to find Easter eggs

The egg fell apart so of course being the perfectionist she is she had to put it back together before she put it in her basket.

Just chillin...

Easter eggs!

all i can say is awww! They did such a good job! Kasey spilled the green on him so his leg was green the whole day of Easter!

Jilli's Dance

She started dance lessons the Saturday before Easter (4.3.10). She had so much fun with her little tap shoes and her true ballet shoes... so cute! She stood there the whole time until the very end and then danced, but when she came home she was dancing around everywhere. Her recital is in June! So exciting!

April 13, 2010


ok ok ok i know that i have been slacking lately on the blog... but things have been seriously busy!
if you didn't know we are moving and fyi... WE DID! we moved everything over today so now we just have to unpack.. phew!
Also i have two more weeks of school left so its a lot of last minute projects and tests and then finals!

We had a great Easter.. i promise pictures are coming!

i know it doesn't seem like a lot but trust me WE ARE BUSY... hehehe

maybe this weekend i'll get lucky and find about 30 minutes to update for real!

see you soon!

the kids easter at school!

Kasey decorating his easter cookie

he decided he didn't want to decorate any more but just eat it!

she was so proud of herself for finding one!

in the words of jillibean.... look mommy my tongue is green!

April 12, 2010

I will be updating the blog tonight!