November 23, 2009

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Well its official Jilliann talks on the phone. She talked to Oba and Bubba today for the first time (she usually just tries to find where the voice is coming from, but she talked back today). Mom would say Jilliann and she would say "I'm right here". She still isn't a 100% sure on what to do with it but she is getting the hang of it!

Please email me a list of preferences that the grandparents would like for their gift!


Ok i have no idea what that crazy stuff was but Jilliann is over the flu and kasey and i have a cough and runny nose (no fevers here tho). Tommy has still ended up scott free (i wish!). Mom and Dad are still sick (they have the flu and an upper respitory infection). Aydan and Tabby are feeling better check out their blog for their update! (

We are getting ready for Thanksgiving and BLACK FRIDAY!

November 17, 2009


Jilliann is sick with the flu!!! She does not have the H1N1 but she is sick. I just hope she doesn't pass it around to everyone... especially kasey! I will be posting new pics (she got her hair cut!) the first real one!

November 8, 2009


We finally made it to the zoo today! We were so excited! Jilliann had a BLAST!


its my whoopi cushion

and my cow girl!