October 31, 2009


Aydan didn't want any kisses!

Oreos are good

Making oreo spiders! They ate more of the parts of the spider than they made!

More Maggie

This barn was built in 1903!

Hanging out with Nana

Look at bubba hanging out with them

Pappy's fave!

Butts on the Creek

From our tip to Butts on the Creek in Maggie!

Aren't they adorable!!!

Such a big boy!


October 28, 2009

Laugh ur butt off!

Ok so if you want you laugh for the day look! I saw these two "rice" crispie treats and thought oh yeah i can do that.... well I can't!

jilliann wanted to give kasey a hug but he didn't want it, so she layed on them!

Newfound Gap

Look at my two handsome men! This is at Newfound Gap. the Tenessee North Carolina line.

Halloween Photo Shoot!! (or tried)

We tried but the kids would not cooperate! This was a prop that was set up outside of Joey's (famous pancake house)


These are donnie pictures but they are absolutley gorgeous! This is on the blue ridge parkway where we were!


Daddy and Jilliann at SoCo falls! It was gorgeous, its where two waterfalls come together!

He is so darn cute!

Tabby thought this picture was funny because we both matched!

This was in the backyard of the house we stayed, the creek was absolutley beautiful!

Isn't she cute all bundled up!

October 21, 2009

PumPkiN patCH

Aren't they cute!! They were filthy!!! Kasey wasn't sure what to do with the straw of hay but it looked cute!

she really enjoyed the obstacle course. she was a little scared of the ladder at first but then once she figured out how to do it she was fine

This slide was quite comical! Jilliann had to do it all by herself and as you can see she got a faceful of sand! She would cry until the sand was out and then she would climb the stairs and start all over! (I will never understand it!)

She also had a blast on this jumping pillow. It was huge!

October 19, 2009


Well this week I am on vacation... going to maggie valley on friday! We have had a busy week planned too! Saturday Tabby and I and our boys shopped (they weren't very good). Sunday we had dinner with the grandparents and great grandparents. Today (Monday)we had Tabby and Aydan over for dinner and CLEANED! Tomorrow we are going to the pumpkin patch at Boone Hall plantation! Wednesday is ZOO day! Thursday we are going to Sam's and packing... Friday we are leaving! Whew I am tired just thinking about everything that we have to do!

~~~Keep in mind this whole week we are......POTTY TRAINING!


All I can say is that she is too young! but growing up fast!

"Carving" Pumpkins

finger painted pumpkins!

this takes intense concentration

so proud of my pumpkin!

she was telling us that we weren't allowed to look! (wonder where she got the attitude?)

The pumpkin handprint! She decided to give pappy a high five!!

their t-shirts!





This was a lot of fun because the kids actually got to paint on clothes. I thought they turned out pretty darn cute! The trickiest part of all... only using 4 fingers!!

October 16, 2009

Crafty Saturday!

We had Aydan over and they decorated cupcakes and t-shirts! It was a mess!
Aydan had a ball!

Jilliann has a lot of fun too!