November 29, 2010

best friends

the girls had a little play date and then ms kaitlin was going to stay the night.
we tried but it didn't work (jilliann snored to loud!).
anyway don't you love the matching pjs?
how cute!!

November 23, 2010

Ready for the winter

She is ready for the cold ...whenever it comes!!

November 22, 2010

just here

They had to sit in their chairs watching their morning cartoons!

haha this was the best we could do, she was soooo faking it!

this one here would smile after the flash.

you gotta love it!


just a few random things...

kasey is officially in the plumber club

guarding his master piece, they played a game to put all the magnetic pieces on the freezer portion. you weren't allowed to see any white!

we went bowling with julie, torry, and kaitlin, then dinner.
the girls had so much fun!

the kids playroom


Tommy hanging the light everyone hates!

This was my contribution... i built one shelf

The light no one likes



Christmas decorations started.


Kaseys new haircut

November 15, 2010


Think something is missing from my newly opened baked ruffles bag of chips
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They love to take naps in random places like my hallway!
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My child loves beer.
Root beer that is!
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November 12, 2010


Saturday mom and i went to IKEA!
OMG we had such a blast.
the day started at 7 had a lovely breakfast.

we started shopping at 11 and finished at 9!!
here are just a couple of shots of our SUV on the way home!
yep can't fit anymore!

this is in the back, we had to shut the hatch
and then open the window to finish stuffing it!

mom sat here and made sure nothing shifted

i had my passengers too!

oh yeah... there was stuff on top too!

Glad we made it home!

November 11, 2010


Jilliann did her first soccer game on Saturday... what a big girl!

she wanted to be goalie i guess

getting ready for the kick off

running around (tommy said she just ran around and didn't worry about the ball)

snack time after a long game (of course Kasey is there!)

November 9, 2010


eating a snack! just chillin'

Mystery passenger?
at first glance it looks gross, but then...
its just a partially eaten star crunch!

gotta love boys!

focal wall!



i have two words.... love it!!!!!!

Playing with Daddy!

Typical play date with daddy!

getting tackled

down forthe count

horsie ride?

funny faces finishes!

I luv u

Jilliann learned to do this for her daddy!
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Carpet or comforter?

Jilliann decided that she and her bunny needed to snuggle up... Under my new carpet!
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November 3, 2010

Check Ups

Hey guys!
The kids went to the lovely dr. for check ups
Jillian weighs 34 lbs and is 38 inches tall – 3 years old!
Kasey weighs 25 lbs and is 33.5 inches tall – 18 months old!
Not a whole lot separates my kids!

November 1, 2010

Just a Snippet!

Here is a preview of family pictures!!
Hehe...yep family!

Witches and Drive Thru

Wearing Oba's witches hat!
(Oba's costume was the best! Matched her perfectly! lol!)

Kasey tried so hard to get the hat to stay on!

The famous "drive thru". He just rode the wagon as Pappy pulled!

Its Halloween!!

Its halloween!

So after brutally messing up my children's halloween costumes. we searched high and low and finally found something..
i think it ended up even cuter!

Jilliann being a beautiful butterfly!

Kasey being my "lazy" pumpkin

Jilliann so excited to start trick or treating

She went to the door the first time all by herself! She wouldn't say trick or treat she would just wave her wand and open her bag!

Awwww look at them, they had so much fun and looked so darn cute together!

Prepping for Halloween party!

We had to make some brownies for our halloween/birthday party.
She helped but constantly asked to lick the bowl!