March 5, 2012

Sharon and Emily

Emily's mom came into town after about 5 years away, so they decided everyone could get together and visit! Jilliann and I went to enjoy some food and friendship!

Meet Sprinkles, she is safe, secure, and ready to go! (I decided on the way out of Quinn's day, that I was going to build one for the kids. This is Jilliann's, Kasey's is a dinosaur!)

Jilliann was excited to meet some new friends!

Emily and I (we have known each other for about 10 years or so)
i don't know why i was only half smiling?

 Ms. Sharon with all of the kids that came! 

The family of the night (minus a husband)!  Aren't they an adorable family!


  1. I absolutely love your blog post!! Thank you for coming Anna!!

    I really would like to get together, this week is super busy but next week if your free during the day we can get together!! :)