November 4, 2011

Magic Kingdom Day 2 Part 1

For our second day, we slept in and let everyone catch up (as much as you can for Disney!)

mom wanted to Jilliann go to the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique, but they didn't have any openings for us. so we did the next best thing! WE DID IT!
she learned from the day before, that you need to point your toe and hold your dress out!
So cute!

we got there in the afternoon, so for excitment, they danced on Main Street!

getting ready for our second day!

waiting in line to meet Repunzel!

* kasey was so star struck with his favorite princess, that he was frozen. he wouldn't do anything!

we went on the carousel and had fun! 

trying to pull the sword out
**can't do that very well when we are being prissy
little brothers turn

we went to a 4D show and we quickly learned they are not for our kids!
they did not like the 4th part of it... water, air, etc
*these are the pictures before it started... they were the exact opposite when we left!

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