December 6, 2011

Elf on the Shelf

We introduced this little fellow Sunday (yes, we are late, but Daddy was working)
the kids got up to find the table set with the book out, snow covered donuts, and melted snow and cinnamon rolls.

jilliann loved the snow covered donuts!

kasey wasn't thrilled with either so he got applesauce!

 jilliann was making some funky faces!

she was looking for our elf because he wasn't in the box! he got out of that tight seal somehow, but noone knows!

 she found him, on the fire place!


she is so excited and a littl bit nervous! Jilliann won't stop talking about him, she is trying so hard to understand why he won't move during the day! She has told him what to tell Santa and tries to get kasey to understand too, but he doesn't quite understand it yet. he keeps looking at him like he is some weird science experiment! We had a blast introducing our elf!

U want to know his name?.... Quinnzy!
(yes Quinn M. you were the inspiration per Jilliann!)
I will put all of Quinnzy's crazy spots and stories on here too! This is going to be a great memory!

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