February 13, 2012

Kitchen Remodel

guess what......
we have officially started ripping out our kitchen!
oh boy the story behind why! 
one night mom dropped Jilliann off and i started cooking dinner, making tea, and doing dishes. that is a typical day!
well i had hambuger browning and stepped into something wet. i looked on the counter and saw that the tea was leaking. i just assumed my tea had overflowed onto the floor. i started to clean it up and realized that the water was clear.... hmmmm.
i opened the cabinet doors under the sink and there was mac and cheese all over the cabinet and a pool of water!
so then i started cleaning up the tea, the water underneath the sink, and then realized i just BURNT the meat!
dinner was a disaster, the cabinet was ruined (it had been leaking from a pin sized hole a very long time and we never noticed!), and i didn't have any sweet tea!
so i threw my hands up and said that was it! 
we were going to start tearing it up and getting it pretty!

i even have little helpers

this is the awful mess of before!
i was trying to organize it and rearrange cabinets, but now we get to start over!
can't wait to show you what we are going to do!!

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