February 24, 2012

bean and boo's v-day!

the kids had an awesome valentine's day!
we got up, finished our butterfly valentines, and went and picked out flowers for oba!
we delivered our lovely flowers to oba, she treated us to lunch and then....
oba took the kids to "King of Sweets!" they were able to walk around and pick out whatever they wanted. they were so excited and loved every part of it. 
jilliann got so much that she had told me she was done after going half way! kasey took his sweet time and picked out everything he wanted! 
they were crazy hyper when they got home but seeing their faces and excitement was fantastic!

after we got home they got to open their gifts from us...
they had a bunch of random art supplies that we had been collecting from the dollar spot at target (love that place!)
 seeing his watercolor paint by number pages
getting out all of her magnetic alphabet letters!

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