February 16, 2012

Tommy's 13 days...

After he opened the fist letter, he was told to open this:

The first one!
This is your first envelope so get excited!. This month being the month of LOVE, you get to be treated to 14 days full of it! Each day you get to open the corresponding envelope and experience something new! They can range from extravagant plans to the simplest surprise! You have to wait each day for one! Get excited because it starts now! Find envelope 1!

then everyday he had to open another one
1 Home spa offering a body massage, foot treatment, or bubble bath

2 home cooked meal of whatever he chooses (cooked it as a family)  

3 date night, comedy club and dinner
    (** We had tickets but ran out of time, so we just grabbed some dinner and went to pick things out for our kitchen!)

4 homemade gifts from the kiddos
** the kids made him some homemade cards and a valentine's day themed cake! 

5 10 balloons filled with reasons of why we love him. he had to pop them all

6 massage

7 daddy and daughter date and then his favorite dessert

8 gift card to a favorite store

9 belt keepers

10 kids and i ran to go get his favorite coffee from bigby

11 a choice of lunches from home cooked as a family, delivery of whatever he chooses, or go to his favorite burger joint

12 he got to plan his day of whatever he wanted, no one was allowed to complain

13 breakfast in bed

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