August 8, 2010


so since the end of june our family has had something to do every weekend. we have had birthday parties galore, reunions, and just our children's activities. this weekend will be the last for at least one week! we were able to get some things done in the house this weekend and i will be posting pics of that later, once everything is finished. we have decided what to do in each of the kids rooms so we are working on that. jilliann's now has 3 flowers on her wall that just need to be painted and then her room arranged! can't wait to see the finish project! kasey will have orange stripes. tommy told me to make sure i get all the "crafty" stuff done this week so we could start working on our bedroom. i am so ready for this house to have our design touch to it.

be on the lookout for pics of all the finished projects and rooms!

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