May 19, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter 2013!
We had a great Easter! We had a ton of fun and played a bunch! The kids loved opening their Easter baskets and their favorite was of course the puzzles!

Sibling love, I love when i catch quiet sweet moments between these two! 

These have become some of my favorite pictures of them!

She was just so happy and content, I love the peaceful look she has... She truly is beautiful!

The Thinking Man, anyone?

Showing off their Easter goodies!

Sophia was so proud that she found one! What a cutie!

Aunt Lynne showing Sophia to look UP instead of just down all the time!

Pappy hid one that would be really hard to find, so he was showing the kids!

We had a great day and loved getting to spend some time with family and friends!

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