May 8, 2013

Early Spring... Zoo

We went to the Zoo in April!
It was chilly, but we had a blast! We got their early enough to feed some of the animals! Can't wait to go back and do it again!
When we started at the zoo we went the opposite way we usually do so the first thing we saw was the tigers!
They didn't want to come out and "play" as the kids put it, so they just stared!

Feeding the birds!
Jilliann didn't want anything to do with them! She FREAKED out!

 Kasey had a blast! He did really well!

Then came the giraffes!
Jilliann was traumatized from the birds so she opted out of the giraffes!
They were hungry and very easy to feed!

The kangaroos!

The way home! They were exhausted, but the trip was so much fun!

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