September 11, 2011

the rest of our school week

so to continue with our cow theme, they painted cows in a field
they were drawing the cows spots, face, and legs

jilliann's cows

we made key chains to hang on our disney bookbags
kasey did a great job threading the beads onto the string

mommy did a cow puppet (the yellow thing is the tongue, but now it doesn't really fit!)

kasey and his paper bag cow puppet,
he knew what is was and that was all that mattered

she did a great job on her puppet too!

the letter that week was A
we did apple things

they made placemats with their whole hand
the side of their palm is the trunk
their fingers are their leaves
their knuckles are the apples

they turned out really cute

apple print placemats, didn't do so well!
i guess i didn't cut the apple straight!

kasey's had the middle but no outline

jilliann's only had the outline and no middle

we had a blast and can't wait for the second week!
JUNGLES and all those animals!

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