September 5, 2011

First REAL haircut!

ok, so here is the story behind this horrible deed i have done!
all summer long, we have fought Jilliann on wearing her hair up because it is so hot. wearing it up to make sure it didn't get into her food, brushing was a nightmare everyday and washing it! so she finally decided she wanted her hair cut, she has always said, just a little bit mommy, so that's what we do!

the morning we went to the salon
mommy: you ready to get your hair cut this morning?
jilli: is Danielle going to do it?
mommy: yes. remember too that if we cut it short, you don't have to wear it in a ponytail anymore and it will be a lot easier to wash in the bath
jilli: mommy, that sounds like a great idea. lets do it

her hair before

once Danielle started cutting, she had the worst scowl on her face

there is my little girl being happy again

she didn't want her hair blow dried

all done! so cute!

she looks like a completely different little girl! so grown up!
but she does love it! we haven't had a battle about her hair since then!

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