September 18, 2011

Baby Shower

I had a baby shower to attend for an old friend of mine.
it was the night before and i was on Pinterest (love it)
i saw a really cute tutorial, here, for baby shower stuff.
i adapted it a little to fit the things that i had bought!
they turned out so stinking cute!

the basics:

fold your items flat and into a long rectangel

roll gently (jules had to do this part!)

this is the end result (you might have to pull a little to line them up)

we made lollipops, they each used two washclothes

i added a hair bow to the base

we made cupcakes out of a receiving blanket and coffee filters

and last but not least...
the peppermint roll. we made these out of 4 onsies.
to make sure they styles didn't clash i bought two of the same onsie but just different sizes

stuff them in a cake box

ta-da, sooo darn cute!
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