January 31, 2010


ok so i have been a slacker lately
school has been super busy along with the kids and work... so here goes (we are missing some days (sorry!))

January 24 This is the landing off the slide

January 23 This is the look I get the first time I take a pic, we have dubbed it "the test shot" We have to take this one first and then the real one!

January 22 He has learned that he can also draw on the chalkboard

January 21 Cinnamon rolls YUM!!

January 20... All I can say is that she learned this from her wonderful cousin Aydan and this is being cute! (You tell her to be cute and this is what she does)

January 19 She was clapping and singing along to none other but Dora!

January 18. He was waiting "patiently" for his dinner and this is whining!

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