January 9, 2010


Happy New Year!!!
Ok so its the beginning of the year and everyone has new resolutions...well I don't! I have 30 GOALS that I want to accomplish in ONE YEAR! It is January 9th and I am starting today!

Ok so here is the LIST!
1. Find five reliable, healthy, delicious crockpot recipes.
2. Start a Project 365 (photo-a-day)
3. Assemble the Project 365 scrapbook
4. Blog about Project 365
5. Learn to etch glass
6. Make at least 30 scrapbook layouts
7. Finish Jilliann's scrapbook
8. Finish Kasey's scrapbook
9. Finish our scrapbook
10. Make car organizers for each of the kids.
11. Learn to stamp
12. Add five new foods to Jilliann's eating list
13. Do a potato stamp art project with the kids
14. Read more with Jilliann
15. Read more with Kasey
16. Take the kids to the beach more often
17. Spend one weekend with each of the kids alone
18. Spend one weekend with my husband alone
19. Go to the zoo
20. Buy a laundry hamper
21. Start Kasey on big boy food and take him off the bottle
22. Clear the clutter from the bedroom
23. Organize my crafting
24. Re-oragnize and purge my craft supplies
25. Find some kind of excercise I enjoy and do it regularly
26. Get a new couch
27. Go out to a grown up restraunt with another couple
28. Take a day or weekend trip
29. Take some naps

I'm putting this on the sidebar too and when I have accomplised it say goodbye!

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