April 1, 2013

Kasey's Birthday!

Kasey wanted a Dragon Birthday!
I can't believe my baby is 4!
He had a blast and wanted to be involved in every part of the planning.
This dragon was a compromise! He wanted a really mean one but we met half way with this dude!

Pretending to be the dragon!

Noah being the Ogre

Kasey pretending to be the Ogre

Kasey dresssed up as a knight!
The kids made the shields and I had hats and swords ready to go!

Kasey's finished shield

Sophie as the beautiful princess!
The girls made princess hats and I had tutus and wands for them!

The group picture!

The knights slayed the dragon to save the princesses!

Dangerous knight!

Kwan being silly!

My awesome photographer! 
Its so nice to have them back!

Pappy somehow got to be a princess!

My really cute ogre!

Wesley going to town on the pinata... Kasey got upset because the dragon wasn't supposed to break!

The cake... oh boy the cake!
He was so proud of his cake and every time someone came to the party he would show it off! So proud!

Mean cake! He loved that it lit up!

My sweet princess! She was such a big help!
I love you!

Sophie hiding!
Too cute!

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  1. What are we going to do with Sophies Hair? :-)