August 13, 2012

Aydan's Birthday

fyi: picture heavy---- just the way i like 'em!

We did Aydan's birthday this past weekend! From the fourth of July until Christmas our weekends are usually packed with stuff to do!

He had a superhero theme!
Mom made these awesome hangings, that can be taken down and hung on a wall! They are made out of Styrofoam and are super light!

Spider man with his pain in the butt web! Tommy and I put the web up and had three people telling us how to do it right! It was comical but a lot of work for something that seems so simple!

I made each each kid a shirt and then we got little masks and capes to go with them!

These two were inseparable!
Super strong kiddos!

There they go tackling the world!

Brady was super cute as Batman!

i love how the cousins thought he needed supervision!

Love that look of opening up those presents!

The party went great and we had an absolute blast!

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