April 16, 2012

Dinosaurs ALIVE!

Kasey's Dino Eggs!

We got these eggs at Michaels and we were going to spray paint them but ended up with a rough and drippy surface!

So we decided to paper mache them! Let me just say that is the worst thing in the world!
(I don't do well with sticky messes!)
I suffered through it and we got a great surface to start painting on
we just used acrylic craft paint and a foam brush ... nothing fancy!
two coats was more then generous! let it dry and then...

Paint your dots!

Ta-da. Your very own dinosaur egg!

After they dried, we cut a hole (i felt like i was cutting a pumpkin)

The kids helped me stuff them and they did a great job!
We used these as the kids party favors and put candy and other little party favor goodies inside of them!
we used Easter grass as a filler!

Finished project! Complete with baby T-Rex and Longneck!

Since we celebrated Kasey's birthday on Easter these fit perfectly for the theme! Each kid had to hunt for their egg with all the other ones!

I loved making these paper dinosaurs!
I wanted him to have something special with his name that i could use again for his room, so my brother and I made him this hanging art!

After we did the sign we made spiked party hats that i have seen everywhere online! I made a ton of these little dinos! Kasey's GIANT T-rex was made special for him with his BIG 3!
We only did a few decorations since it was Easter and did not want to take away from that special day! This little bit was enough to make him feel special and he LOVED all of it!

I also made his cake, with directions for that here!
we used hershey drops, hershey kisses, and raisinets.

I will be selling these paper dinosaurs and party hats here and sign here to anyone interested!

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