January 9, 2012

Gingerbread houses!

Every year we make Gingerbread houses!
We found this kit at Michaels that had five little houses, which were perfect for the kids!

Jilliann and her pink icing


Kasey had to have green! 

His was much cleaner... but he learned he only had to decorate a little bit and then he could eat all the candy!

This is Jonathan's and Uncle Bobby's...... Oh Boy! What a house and what a story!
every year they do something crazy!

So here be the story!
This house was built in 2004 in Detroit in the high of the market! The house was very contemporary and had the best architect and engineers designing it! Well the bottom fell out and the house is being vandalized. The owner wants to sell it for what he payed for it.... $300,000

What do you think?

Danielle... this is her tribute to Christopher!

All of our houses!

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